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CANADA'S (Canoe/The Record)TOP SINGLES FOR THE YEAR 2000 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Barry Kowal   
Sep 21, 2019 at 04:40 AM


  2-SILENCE-DELERIUM & SARAH McLACHLAN-February                                            1538
  4-MUSIC-MADONNA-September                                                                1406
  5-LADY(HEAR ME TONIGHT)-MODJO-September                                                  1356
  6-BETTER OFF ALONE-ALICE DEEJAY-January                                                  1284
  7-AMERICAN PIE-MADONNA-March                                                             1254
  8-SANDSTORM-Darude-August                                                                1236
  9-BLUE-Eiffel65-January                                                                  1048
10-There You Go-Pink-April                                                                 994
11-He Wasn't Man Enough-Toni Braxton-May                                                   986
12-Faded-SoulDecision-October                                                              774 
13-Shape Of My Heart-Backstreet Boys-December                                              740
14-Could I Have This Kiss Forever-Whit.Houston & Enrique Iglesias-July                     720
15-Maria Maria-Santana-April                                                               714
16-South Side-Moby & Gwen Stefani-May                                                      706
17-Carousel-Bratt Pack-June                                                                688
18-Independent Women Part 1-Destiny's Child-December                                       646
19-It Feels So Good-Sonique-April                                                          638
20-Beautiful Day-U2-October                                                                620
21-Bang Bang Bang-Moffatts-August                                                          608
22-I Will Love Again-Lara Fabian-August                                                    594
23-Beautiful Day (Part II)-U2-October                                                      560
24-I Don't Believe You-Joee-September                                                      508
25-Sun Is Shining-Bob Marley & Funkstar De Luxe-February                                   488
26-Cartoon Heroes-Aqua-March                                                               480
27-Liquid Dreams-O Town-December                                                           450
28-A Song For Lovers-Richard Ashcrtoft-June                                                450
29-Here Comes The Sunshine-Love Inc.-August                                                436
30-Jumpin Jumpin-Destiny's Child-September                                                 434
31-All I Really Want-Kim Lukas-February                                                    420
32-Mamboled-Elissa-April                                                                   400
33-Megamix-The Vengaboys-April                                                             364
34-Say My Name-Destiny's Child-March                                                       350
35-What A Girl Wants-Christina Aguilera-January                                            344
36-This Time Around-Hanson-April                                                           334
37-Thank God I Found You-Mariah Carey-February                                             332
38-Can't Fight The Moonlight-LeAnn Rimes-"September                                        320
39-(Mucho Mambo) Sway-Shaft-February                                                       300
40-Doesn't Really Matter-Janet-September                                                   298
41-Bye Bye Bye-'N Sync-March                                                               292
42-I Wanna Love You Forever-Jessica Simpson-January                                        290
43-Amazed-Lonestar-March                                                                   284
44-Move Your Body-Eiffel65-March                                                           276
45-Bag Lady-Erykah Badu-October                                                            262
46-Peace On Eartrh/Little Drummer Boy-David Bowie & Bing Crosby-December                   248
47-Nothing As It Seems-Pearl Jam-May                                                       244
48-Caught Out There-Kelis-February                                                         236
49-Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely-Backstreet Boys-February                            230
50-Take A Picture-Filter-February                                                          222
51-Go Let It Out-Oasis-March                                                               220
52-I Want You To Need Me-Celine Dion-June                                                  214
53-Holler-Spice Girls-November                                                             208
54-She Bangs-Ricky Martin-November                                                         198
55-You See The Trouble With Me-Black Legend-June                                           162
56-Riddle-Gigi D'Agostino-September                                                        160
57-It Doesn't Matter-Wycliff Jean-August                                                   160
58-My Heart Goes Boom (La Di Da Di)-French Affair-July                                     156
59-ShaLaLa LaLa-Vengaboys-July                                                             156
60-Can't Stop-Jacksoul-May                                                                 150
61-Legal Man-Belle & Sebastian-June                                                        148
62-The Wicker Man(Part 1)-Iron Maiden-June                                                 148
63-Let Love Lead The Way-Spice Girls-November                                              144
64-Stand By Me-Jan Arden-June                                                              138
65-You Sang To Me-Marc Anthony-May                                                         136
66-Crybaby-Mariah Carey & Snoop Dogg-June                                                  134
67-Gotta Tell You-Samantha Mumba-November                                                  114
68-Thong Song-Sisqo-May                                                                    114
69-G'd Up-Snoop Dogg & Tha Eastsidaz-February                                               108
70-Oops...I Did It Again-Britney Spears-June                                                106
71-Sunday Morning Calling-Oasis-July                                                         88
72-One For Love Part 1-Hip Hop For Respect-June                                              88
73-Feelin' So Good (Part 1)-Jennifer Lopez,Fat Joe & Big Pun-April                           88
74-Who Feels Love?-Oasis-May                                                                 84
75-Vamos A La Playa-Miranda-February                                                         82
76-I Turn To You-Christina Aguilera-June                                                     80
77-I'm Outta Love-Anastacia-April                                                            78
78-Rainbow Country (Remix)-Bob Marley & Funkstar De Luxe-April                               74
79-Today-Everlast-January                                                                    72
80-My Rules-Patria-April                                                                     58
81-Kiss(When The Don't Shine)-Vengaboys-March                                                50
82-Pokemon World-Pokemon-April                                                               42
83-Wonderful-Everclear-October                                                               38
84-Body Bumpin'-My Town-March                                                                38
85-Light Year-Pearl Jam-July                                                                 36
86-Mamboled-Elissa-June                                                                      36
87-The Bad Touch-Bloodhound Gang-April                                                       36
88-Mirror Mirror-M2M-May                                                                     36
89-Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)-Christina Aguilera-October                          34
90-I Think I'm In Love-Jessica Simpson-August                                                34
91-Back In My Life-Alice Deejay-May                                                          34
92-2 Times-Ann Lee-April                                                                     34
93-Hustlin'-Kardinal Offishall-April                                                         34

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