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No.Song-Artist-Peak Month
 1-SONG FROM MOULIN ROUGE-PERCY FAITH-SEPTEMBER                                1126
 2-I'M WALKING BEHIND YOU-EDDIE FISHER;FRANK SINATRA-October                      1112 
 3-YOU BELONG TO ME-JO STAFFORD;DEAN MARTIN-January                               1072
 4-YOU'RE JUST IN LOVE-ETHEL MERMAN & DICK HAYMES-July                             998
 4-YOU'RE JUST IN LOVE-PERRY COMO & FONTANE SISTERS-July                           998
 5-HALF AS MUCH-ROSEMARY CLOONEY-January                                           996
 6-ANNA-SILVANO MANGANO-December                                                   976
 7-TERRY'S THEME FROM LIMELIGHT-FRANK CHACKSFIELD-October                          922
 8-VAYA CON DIOS-Les Paul & Mary Ford-November                                     918
 9-TILL I WALTZ AGAIN WITH YOU-Teresa Brewer-June                                  872  
10-I WENT TO YOUR WEDDING-Patti Page;Sammy Kaye-April                              862
11-Because You're Mine-Mario Lanza;Nat "King" Cole-February                        838
12-Keep It A Secret-Jo Stafford-May                                                812
13-Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes-Perry Como;Red Foley-May                   796
14-Tell Me A Story-Frankie Laine & Jimmy Boyd-July                                 784
15-Hi-Lili,Hi-Lo-Dinah Shore;Les Welch-June                                        774 
16-April In Portugal-Les Baxter-September                                          720
17-Lady Of Spain-Eddie Fisher;Winifred Atwell-March                                702
18-Takes Two To Tango-Louis Armstrong;Pearl Bailey-April                           688
19-Feet Up (Pat Him On The Po-Pop)-Guy Mitchell-February                           686 
20-(Poor Little Robin) Walkin' To Missouri-Sammy Kaye-March                        650
21-Seven Lonely Days-Georgia Gibbs;Bonnie Lou-November                             648
22-Doggie In The Window-Patti Page-August                                          646
23-Mister Tap Toe-Doris Day-December                                               646
24-I Believe-Frankie Laine;Jane Froman-July                                        642
25-The Rock Of Gibralter-Frankie Laine-February                                    638
26-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus-Jimmy Boyd-December                             604
27-Outside Of Heaven-Eddie Fisher-April                                            572
28-Glow Worm-Mills Brothers-March                                                  544
29-Hold Me,Thrill Me,Kiss Me-Karen Chandler-September                              538
30-Oh,Happy Day-Lawrence Welk;Les Welch-July                                       530
31-Say You're Mine Again-Perry Como;June Hutton-October                            510
32-Faith Can Move Mountains-Nat "King" Cole-May                                    484
33-Tell Me You're Mine-Gaylords;Mindy Carson-August                                442
34 Swedish Rhapsody-Mantovani;Percy Faith November                                 422
35-Ruby-Les Baxter-September                                                       410
36-Botch A Me-Rosemary Clooney-January                                             400
37-Jambalaya-Jo Stafford-March                                                     396
38-Gomen Nasai-Gordon Jenkins;Eddy Howard-July                                     364
39-She Wears Red Feathers (And A Huly Huly Skirt)-Guy Mitchell-August              360
40-Zing A Little Zong-Bing Crosby & Jane Wyman-March                               356
41-The Day Of Jubilo-Guy Mitchell-February                                         356   
42-Just Another Polka-Jo Stafford;Eddie Fisher-October                             348
43-China Doll-Slim Whitman-November                                                346
44-St.George & Dragonet-Stan Freberg-December                                      312
45-Why Don't You Believe Me-Joni James;Patti Page-August                           304
46-Heart And Soul-Four Aces-June                                                   288
47-Your Cheatin' Heart-Hank Williams;Frankie Laine-August                          272
48-Little Red Monkey-Joy Nichols,Dick Bentley & Jimmy Edwards-October              254
49-I Confess-Sarah Vaughan;Perry Como-December                                     240
50-I Wanna Say Hello-Sir Hubert Pimm & Ellen Sutton-May                            236 
51-Padam Padam-Vera Lynn;Edith Piaf-February                                       228
52-Gambella (The Gamblin' Lady)-Frankie Laine & Jo Stafford-March                  224
53-Side By Side-Kay Starr-June                                                     222
54-(Cause I Love You) That's Why-Guy Mitchell & Mindy Carson-October               212
55-Yours-Vera Lynn-February                                                        202
56-It's A Lovely Day-Perry Como & Fontane Sisters-June                             198
57-The Isle Of Innisfree-Bing Crosby-July                                          190 
58-Have You Heard-Joni James-July                                                  186
59-Ma Says Pa Says-Doris Day & Johnnie Ray-June                                    164
60-Wild Horses-Perry Como;David Hughes-December                                    158
61-Waltzing Bugle Boy-Ray Martin;Frank Chacksfield-November                        152
62-A Full Time Job-Doris Day & Johnnie Ray-June                                    152
63-Indian Love Call-Slim Whitman-September                                         148 
64-Trying-Ella Fitzgerald;Les Welch-May                                            148
65-Wonderful Copenhagen-Danny Kaye-July                                            140
66-The Homing Waltz-Vera Lynn-March                                                 70
67-The Continental-Rosemary Clooney & Harry James-June                              42
68-Somebody Stole My Gal-Johnnie Ray;Frank Petty Trio-July                          38
69-I Waited A Little Too Long-Kay Starr-February                                    36
70-The Big Mamou-Pete Hanley;Dolores Gray-October                                   34
71-I'm Just A Poor Bachelor-Frankie Laine-July                                      34
72-The Ruby And The Pearl-Nat 'King' Cole;Frankie Laine-May                         34
* The data used in compilation of this list are the charts found in The 
Australian Top 20 Book (1940-2006) by David Kent.

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