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No.Song-Artist-Peak Month
 1-CATCH A FALLING STAR-PERRY COMO-APRIL                                                  962 
 2-DIANA-PAUL ANKA-January                                                                956 
 3-BIRD DOG-EVERLY BROTHERS-October                                                       916
 4-THE TWELFTH OF NEVER-JOHNNY MATHIS-March                                               898
 5-APRIL LOVE-PAT BOONE-March                                                             868
 7-A PUB WITH NO BEER-SLIM DUSTY-September                                                818
 8-SUSIE DARLIN'-Robin Luke-December                                                      784
 9-HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS-Laurie London-June                               748
10-YOUNG AND WARM AND WONDERFUL-Tony Bennett/Roger Williams-November                      738
11-Fascination-Nat ?King? Cole/Jane Morgan-February                                       734
12-It?s All In The Game-Tommy Edwards-December                                            730
13-Twilight Time-Platters-July                                                            724
14-Just Married-Marty Robbins-October                                                     722
15-Patricia-Perez Prado-September                                                         676
16-When-Kalin Twins-September                                                             654
17-The Purple People Eater-Sheb Wooley-August                                             652 
18-Jailhouse Rock-Elvis Presley-January                                                   652
19-Chances Are-Johnny Mathis-April                                                        636
20-White Silver Sands-Don Rondo-January                                                   620
21-Peggy Sue-Buddy Holly-March                                                            616
22-A Certain Smile-Johnny Mathis-December                                                 594
23-Rainbow-Russ Hamilton-February                                                         588
24-Fever-Peggy Lee-October                                                                586
25-Witch Doctor-David Seville-July                                                        584
26-Tequila-Champs-May                                                                     566
27-The Story Of My Life-Marty Robbins-May                                                 558
28-Oh,Boy-Buddy Holly & The Crickets-March                                                534
29-Wake Up Little Susie-Everly Brothers-February                                          528 
30-Raunchy-Ernie Freeman-April                                                            496
31-All I Have To Do Is Dream-Everly Brothers-July                                         490
32-Big Man-Four Preps-August                                                              472 
33-Wear My Ring Around Your Neck-Elvis Presley-July                                       466
34-Return To Me-Dean Martin-August                                                        466
35-A Wonderful Time Up There-Pat Boone-June                                               464
36-Left Right Out Of Your Heart-Patti Page-October                                        456
37-Magic Moments-Perry Como-May                                                           440
38-Sugartime-McGuire Sisters-June                                                         438
39-The End-Earl Grant-December                                                            432
40-Sail Along Silvery Moon-Billy Vaughn-April                                             430
41-Padre-Toni Arden-August                                                                410 
42-March From The River Kwai:Colonel Bogey-Mitch Miller-April                             408
43-Secretly-Jimmie Rodgers-August                                                         398
44-This Happy Feeling-Debbie Reynolds-October                                             390
45-Book Of Love-Monotones-June                                                            390
46-The Swinging Shepherd Blues-Moe Koffman Quartette-July                                 380
47-Endless Sleep-Jody Reynolds & The Storms-August                                        354
48-Everybody Loves A Lover-Doris Day-November                                             346
49-My Special Angel-Bobby Helms-March                                                     342      
50-Oh Lonesome Me-Don Gibson-July                                                         326
51-Honeycomb-Jimmie Rodgers-January                                                       308
52-You Need Hands-Eydie Gorme-September                                                   296 
53-Sweet Little Sixteen-Chuck Berry-May                                                   294
54-Little Star-Elegants-October                                                           284
55-Melodie D?Amour-Ames Brothers-March                                                    280
56-Come In Stranger-Johnny Cash-October                                                   270
57-Rockin? Robin-Bobby Day-November                                                       264
58-Poor Little Fool-Ricky Nelson-November                                                 262
59-Kewpie Doll-Perry Como-July                                                            262
60-Don?t-Elvis Presley-April                                                              238
61-Moonlight Swim-Tony Perkins/Nick Noble-February                                        230
62-Tea For Two Cha Cha-Tommy Dorsey Orchestra-November                                    218
63-Rebel Rouser-Duane Eddy-September                                                      202
64-All The Way-Frank Sinatra-February                                                     202
65-26 Miles (Santa Catalina)-Four Preps-June                                              198
66-Why Don?t They Understand-George Hamilton IV-May                                       188
67-Great Balls Of Fire-Jerry Lee Lewis-March                                              180
68-Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet)-Jackie Wilson-April                152
69-Wild Is The Wind-Johnny Mathis-May                                                     148
70-Do You Want To Dance-Bobby Freeman-August                                              130
71-My True Love-Jack Scott-October                                                        122 
72-At The Hop-Danny & The Juniors-May                                                     114
73-Kathy-O-Diamonds-December                                                              110
74-You Are My Destiny-Paul Anka-May                                                       106
75-Silhouettes-Rays-March                                                                  78
76-Come Closer To Me-Nat ?King?Cole-October                                                76
77-Splish Splash-Bobby Darin-October                                                       72
78-Arrivederci Roma-Vic Damone/Roger Williams-August                                       72
79-The Answer To A Pub With No Beer-Slim Dusty-July                                        72
80-Alone (Why Must I Be Alone)-Shepherd Sisters-April                                      68
81-Ivy Rose-Perry Como-February                                                            68
82-Western Movies-Olympics-October                                                         38
83-Witchcraft-Frank Sinatra-May                                                            38
84-Yakety Yak-Coasters-September                                                           36
85-Lollipop-Chordettes-July                                                                34
86-Kisses Sweeter Than Wine-Jimmie Rodgers-March                                           34
* The data used in compilation of this list are the charts found in The 
Australian Top 20 Book (1940-2006) by David Kent.

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