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No.Song-Artist-Peak Month
  1-WORKING FOR THE MAN/LEAH-ROY ORBISON-NOVEMBER                        894
  3-STRANGER ON THE SHORE-MR.ACKER BILK-March                                      806
  4-MULTIPLICATION/IRRESISTIBLE YOU-BOBBY DARIN-March                              792
  5-ALLEY CAT (OMKRING ET FLYGEL)-BENT FABRIC-October                              780
  6-I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU-RAY CHARLES-June                                       772
  7-MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW-KENNY BALL & HIS JAZZMEN-April                              722
  8-THE LONELY BULL(EL SOLO TORRO)-Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass-December        720
  9-ROSES ARE RED (MY LOVE)-Bobby Vinton-August                                    716
 10-WOLVERTON MOUNTAIN-Claude King-August                                          690
 11-Limbo Rock/Popeye-Chubby Checker-November                                      686
 12-Good Luck Charm-Elvis Presley-May                                              662
 13-The Cha Cha Cha-Bobby Rydell-November                                          652
 14-I've Been Everywhere-Lucky Starr-May                                           648
 15-I Remember You-Frank Ifield-September                                          630
 16-Sheila-Tommy Roe-September                                                     608
 17-Ramblin' Rose-Nat King Cole-October                                            578
 18-The Swiss Maid-Del Shannon-October                                             574
 19-Do You Want To Dance/I'm Lookin' Out The Window-Cliff Richard/Shadows-August   574
 20-Dear One-Larry Finnegan-June                                                   566
 21-Chip Chip-Gene McDaniels-March                                                 562
 22-West Of The Wall-Toni Fisher-July                                              550
 23-Silver Threads And Golden Needles-The Springfields-October                     546
 24-Si Senor (I Theenk')-Rob E.G.-June                                             546
 25-Dream Baby(How Long Must I Dream)-Roy Orbison-April                            518
 26-Lovesick Blues-Frank Ifield-December                                           506
 27-Wonderful Land/Stars Fell On Stockton-The Shadows-May                          506
 28-The Wanderer-Dion-March                                                        500
 29-Anything That's Part Of You-Elvis Presley-May                                  498
 30-Let There Be Drums-Sandy Nelson-January                                        488
 31-A Little Bitty Tear-Burl Ives-February                                         484
 32-Run To Him/Walkin' With My Angel-Bobby Vee-February                            464
 33-(Dance With The) Guitar Man-Duane Eddy & The Rebelettes-November               456
 34-Devil Woman-Marty Robbins-September                                            434
 35-When The Girl In Your Arms,Is The Girl In Your Heart-Cliff Richard-January     432
 36-Norman-Sue Thompson-February                                                   428
 37-If I Didn't Have A Dime/Only Love Can Break Your Heart-Gene Pitney-October     420
 38-Let's Twist Again-Chubby Checker-February                                      406
 39-The Twist-Chubby Checker-February                                              396
 40-The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance-Gene Pitney-July                              394
 41-She's Not You/Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello-Elvis Presley-September             382
 42-The Young Ones-Cliff Richard & The Shadows-August                              378
 43-Moon River-Henry Mancini-May                                                   364
 44-Caterina-Perry Como-June                                                       360
 45-Moon River-Jerry Butler-January                                                354
 46-Walk On By-Leroy Van Dyke-January                                              342
 47-The Stripper-David Rose-July                                                   340
 48-Southern 'Rora-Joy Boys-July                                                   336
 49-Speedy Gonzales-Pat Boone-August                                               318
 50-He's A Rebel-Vikki Carr-December                                               318
 51-Sing/To Love-Johnny O'Keefe-March                                              318
 52-All Alone Am I-Brenda Lee-December                                             312
 53-Callin' Doctor Casey-John D. Loudermilk-August                                 308
 54-It'll Be Me-Cliff Richard & The Shadows-November                               302
 55-Things-Bobby Darin-August                                                      302
 56-Happy Birthday,Sweet Sixteen-Neil Sedaka-January                               300
 57-Come Outside-Mike Sarne-August                                                 294
 58-Have You Ever Been To See King's Cross-Frankie Davidson-June                   280
 59-Today's Teardrops-Col Joye & The Joy Boys-June                                 274
 60-Percolator (Twist)-Billy Joe & The Checkmates-April                            256
 61-Guitar Tango-The Shadows-September                                             254
 62-Vacation-Connie Francis-September                                              250
 63-Funny Way Of Laughin'-Burl Ives-June                                           250
 64-Old Rivers-Walter Brennan-June                                                 248
 65-James(Hold The Ladder Steady)-Sue Thompson-November                            244
 66-Love Letters-Kitty Lester-May                                                  236
 67-Unsquare Dance-Dave Brubeck Quartet-April                                      230
 68-Crying In The Rain-Everly Brothers-March                                       220
 69-The Peppermint Twist-Joey Dee & The Starlighters-February                      216
 70-Wimoweh-Karl Denver-May                                                        212
 71-Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands-Delltones-August                               206
 72-That's Old Fashion/How Can I Meet Her-Everly Brothers-June                     206
 73-The Lion Sleeps Tonight-The Tokens-January                                     204
 74-Chattanooga Choo Choo-Floyd Cramer-March                                       202
 75-The Savage/Peace Pipe-The Shadows-July                                         192
 76-Slow Twistin'/La Paloma Twist-Chubby Checker-May                               192
 77-Young World-Rick Nelson-May                                                    182
 78-Happy Guitar-Reg Owen & His Orchestra-December                                 174
 79-Point Of No Return-Gene McDaniels-September                                    164
 80-Rain,Rain Go Away-Bobby Vinton-October                                         158
 81-So Deep Twist/Break It To Me Gently-Brenda Lee-March                           152
 82-Susie Darlin'-Tommy Roe-December                                               142
 83-Cotton Fields/Gypsy Rover-Highwaymen-March                                     142
 84-Ahab The Arab-Ray Stevens-August                                               128
 85-Follow That Dream-Elvis Presley-July                                           118
 86-Nut Rocker-B. Bumble & The Stingers-May                                        112
 87-Hey Little Girl-Del Shannon-February                                           108
 88-Walkin' Back To Happiness-Helen Shapiro-January                                 86
 89-The Majestic-Dion-March                                                         82
 90-It Keeps Right On A Hurtin'-Johnny Tillotson-July                               76
 91-I'll Never Dance Again/Gee It's Wonderful-Bobby Rydell-July                     70
 92-March Of The Siamese Children-Kenny Ball-April                                  70
 93-5-4-3-2-1-Zero-Rob E.G.-November                                                36
 94-It Might As Well Rain Until September-Carole King-October                       36
 95-Venus In Blue Jeans-Mark Wynter-November                                        34
 96-Patches-Dickie Lee-November                                                     34
* The data used in compilation of this list are the charts found in The 
Australian Top 20 Book (1940-2006) by David Kent.
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