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?There You'll Be? cover

  1-THERE YOU'LL BE-FAITH HILL-OCTOBER                                                      2268
 2-ONLY TIME-ENYA-December                                                                 1286
 3-STUCK IN A MOMENT YOU CAN'T GET OUT OF-U2-February                                      1226
 4-KNIVES OUT-RADIOHEAD-September                                                          1186
 5-ELEVATION-U2-August                                                                     1178
 6-SURVIVOR-DESTINY'S CHILD-April                                                          1104
 7-HERO-ENRIQUE IGLESIAS-November                                                          1072
 8-DAYS LIKE THAT-Sugar Jones-June                                                         1022
 9-ONE MORE TIME-Daft Punk-November                                                        1008
10-THE PYRAMID SONG-Radiohead-June                                                          970
11-$#!*-D-12-January                                                                        962
12-What It Feels Like For A Girl-Madonna-May                                                904
13-Pop-'N Sync-July                                                                         886
14-I Won't Be Home For Christmas-Blink 182-December                                         850
15-Walk On-U2-February                                                                      850
16-Fill Me In-Craig David-October                                                           774
17-Don't Tell Me-Madonna-February                                                           670
18-O Canada-David Foster & Lara Fabian-July                                                 624
19-Raygun-Matthew Good Band-November                                                        602
20-Glorytimes-Portishead-February                                                           594
21-Get Over Yourself-Eden's Crush-May                                                       574
22-Bootylicious-Destiny's Child-August                                                      536
23-Butterfly-Crazy Town-March                                                               498
24-No Means No-Ricky J-March                                                                490
25-Fixed-Nine Inch Nails-October                                                            460
26-Play-A-Live (The Bong Song)-Safri Duo-May                                                452
27-Revolution-Stone Temple Pilots-December                                                  444
28-Love Don't Cost A Thing-Jennifer Lopez-January                                           418
29-Astounded-Bran Van 3000-May                                                              412
30-Around The World (La La)-ATC-March                                                       404
31-Loverboy-Mariah Carey-August                                                             394
32-All For You-Janet-April                                                                  388
33-Dream On-Depeche Mode-May                                                                388
34-Let's Get Married-Jagged Edge-July                                                       316
35-Peace On Eartrh/Little Drummer Boy-David Bowie & Bing Crosby-December                    314
36-Crystal-New Order-September                                                              312
37-You Rock My World-Michael Jackson-November                                               306
38-It Began In Afrika-Chemical Brothers-September                                           286
39-Nobody Wants To Be Lonely-Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera-April                        266
40-Feel The Beat-Darude-March                                                               260
41-Money-Jelleestone-August                                                                 258
42-I Want Love-Elton John-September                                                         250
43-Jaded-Aerosmith-April                                                                    246
44-All Or Nothing-O-Town-July                                                               242
45-From A Lover To A Friend-Paul McCartney-November                                         218
46-Completely-Serial Joe-October                                                            210
47-A Whiter Shade Of Pale-Sarah Brightman-June                                              204
48-And Then There Was Silence-Blind Guardian-November                                       196
49-Lovin' Each Day-Ronan Keating-August                                                     186
50-I'm Real-Jennifer Lopez-September                                                        170
51-Little L-Jamiroquai-August                                                               164
52-Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)-Blu Cantrell-July                                               160
53-Play-Jennifer Lopez-May                                                                  156
54-U Remind Me-Usher-July                                                                   154
55-Thankyou-Dido-April                                                                      146
56-It's Over Now-112-March                                                                  142
57-Christmas Blues-Holly Cole Trio-December                                                 128
58-The Music's No Good Without You...-Cher-November                                         100
59-I'm A Slave 4 U-Britney Spears-November                                                   90
60-Star Spangled Banner-Whitney Houston-November                                             90
61-Relax-Keoki-June                                                                          90
62-Imitation Of Life-R.E.M.-May                                                              86
63-Wonderland-Kelis-November                                                                 84
64-New Year's Dub-Musique & U2-May                                                           84
65-Jonathon David-Belle & Sebastian-June                                                     80
66-I'll Fly With You(L'Amour Toujours)-Gigi D'Agostino-November                              78
67-Drowning-Backstreet Boys-November                                                         74
68-I Feel Loved-Depeche Mode-August                                                          46
69-Someone To Call My Lover-Janet-September                                                  44
70-Ms. Jackson-Outkast-January                                                               44
71-Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year-Jimi Hendrix-December                                  42
72-It's Raining Men-Geri Halliwell-June                                                      42
73-Pagan Party-Bjork-November                                                                38
74-Get Ur Freak On-Missy "Misdemeanor" Eliot-June                                            38
75-He Loves U Not-Dream-January                                                              38
76-Elevation Part II-U2-November                                                             36
77-Sous Le Vent-Garou-December                                                               34
78-Romeo-Basement Jaxx-June                                                                  34
79-I Kiss You-Mahir-February                                                                 34

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