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Written by Barry Kowal   
Dec 23, 2022 at 01:24 AM

Hello Everyone!!!! 

 This is one of those group e-mails that are shot out at the last minute to wish
everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS or whatever you celebrate (or If you celebrate anything
at all) and a HAPPY NEW 2023!!! Sort of just realised that Christmas is Sunday!
For those of you who are new to my mailing list I do this year-end review every
year.I have been doing this for every year since 2004.These reviews are fairly
lengthy so I reckon most of you probably don't even read it.Those of you who do,
thank you. The review is available all year round on my website at:

   This year like last year and the year before I have images that shaped 2021.Each one
of these images will be addressed in my year-end review.Now I will begin the
year-end review. Every year I start with the news and first discuss issues related
to the USA and then I will discuss issues regarding other parts of the world.Some
issues are intertwined as they involve more than one country.Then I do the obituaries,
then sports,then entertainment and the closing.The topics look at several events of
the past year.So hold your breath now and let's begin by looking at what has
transpired in this world that we live in over the past 365 days. 



  The News I display here is not CNN,MSNBC or FOX News.It is real news.I will post
things you will not read or hear in the mainstream media.
 Now I will start the 2022 Review by discussing the big stories that has affected
nearly every country in the world for 2022.


I am rather flabbergasted at how Americans,Canadians,Australians and Europeans are so clueless as to international matters.Many western countries have their brains saturated with news propagandized from the CIA to news sources like CNN,FOX News,MSNBC or the BBC.To start I will give you 20 good reliable news sources to contact.Much of their works can be found online by googling their name.Further,I mention these news sources to prevent me from footnoting.Still further I am not sheep and do not agree 100% with all these sources.Much of the information I provide in the year-end review is derived from these sources. Here they are:

 1 Eva Bartlett-a Canadian independent journalist(only accepts small donations for survival) presently living in Donetsk,Russia.Witnessing first hand what is really going on in Ukraine.She has received death threats and is being targeted by a Ukrainian government hit list for exposing the truth.She exposed the White Helmets in Syria as being stooges for the CIA and MI5

Eva Bartlett.jpg

 2 Scott Ritter-He lives in Delmar,New York.USA and is a former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer and United Nations weapons inspector.In 2003 he was hollering at the top of his lungs that Iraq does not have WMDs but no one listened.He even wrote a book about it.Go to and you will find many of his videos.He is very critical of US foreign policy.

Scott Ritter.jpg

 3 Richard Medhurst-Excellent UK journalist and podcasters.Much of his work can be found on youtube and

Richard Medhurst.jpg

 4 Chris Hedges-He worked as a freelance war correspondent in Central America for The Christian Science Monitor,NPR and Dallas Morning News.Hedges reported for The New York Times from 1990 to 2005,and served as the Times Middle East Bureau Chief and Balkan Bureau Chief during the wars in the former Yugoslavia.In 2001,Hedges contributed to The New York Times staff entry that received the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting for the paper's coverage of global terrorism. Hedges hosted the television program On Contact for RT America from 2016 to 2022.

Chris Hedges.jpeg

 5 Abby Martin-is an American journalist,TV presenter and activist.She helped found
the citizen journalism website Media Roots and serves on the board of directors for
the Media Freedom Foundation which manages Project Censored.Martin appeared in
the documentary film Project Censored The Movie:Ending the Reign of Junk Food
News (2013) and co-directed 99%: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film
The Empire Files in that same year as an investigative documentary and interview
series on Telesur,later released as a web series.In 2019,she released the film
documentary,The Empire Files:Gaza Fights for Freedom.
 She hosted "Breaking The Set" on RT America from 2012 to 2015.
Abby Martin.jpg

 6 George Galloway-is a British politician, broadcaster and writer who is the leader of the Workers Party of Britain,serving since 2019,and is the founder and lead spokesman of All for Unity.He presented The Mother of All Talk Shows on Radio Sputnik and Sputnik on RT UK, which was shut down in March 2022.

 He opposes legalization of marijuana which I don't.But I am pretty much in
lock-step with him on China and Russia issues.
George Galloway.jpg
 7 Lee Camp-is an American writer,comedian,podcaster,news journalist and news commentator.As a television host he presented the show Redacted Tonight for several years on the network RT America until the network shut down in March 2022.He also worked at FOX News until he started making jokes mocking Republicans.
Suddenly he was out of a job.

Lee Camp.jpg

 8 Liu Xin-She is a host and journalist for the English-language Chinese government-broadcaster China Global Television Network,now hosting the opinion show named The Point with Liu Xin on weekdays at CGTN.She is fluent in Mandarin,
English and French and conversational in German and Turkish.

Liu Xin.jpg

 9 Jimmy Dore-an American stand-up comedian, political commentator,podcaster and YouTube personality.He is the host of The Jimmy Dore Show,a comedic talk show on YouTube where he interviews guests of a political,economic,comedic or scientific nature.

Jimmy Dore.jpg

10 Cyrus Janssen-is an International Speaker,Business Consultant,Content Creator
and China Insider.With his company APP Marketing he consults international
companies with market entry,digital payments and marketing services. 
Cyrus has been an international ambassador for the PGA of America for
the past 15 years.He has lived in Mainland China,Hong Kong and Canada.
 His wife is Chinese.His Instagram channel is exclusively dedicated to sharing
his lifestyle and golf adventures to a golf focused audience.
Cyrus Janssen.jpg
11 Kim Iversen-is an American radio host who attended the University of
California-Davis.She was a nationally syndicated American radio personality best
known for United Stations Radio Network.She also does her own podcast on YouTube.
She is a US citizen of Asian descent.
Some of her political leanings are too far to the right for me.But we are in
lock-step regarding issues concerning Asia.
Kim Iverssen.jpg
12 Redacted-A podcast show hosted by an American couple Clayton and Natali Morris
from Portugal.They discuss topics the mainstream western media won't dare mention.
Their podcasts can be found on Youtube and at

13 Professor Richard Wolff-is an American Marxian economist,known for his work on
economic methodology and classa analysis.He is professor emeritus of economics at
the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a visiting professor in the graduate
program in international affairs of the New School.Wolff has also taught economics
at Yale University,City University of New York,University of Utah, University of
Paris I (Sorbonne)and The Brecht Forum in New York City.
Wolff hosts the weekly 30-minute-long program,Economic Update,which is
produced by the non-profit Democracy at Work,which he co-founded.Economic
Update is on YouTube,FreeSpeech TV,WBAI-FM in New York City (Pacifica
Radio),CUNY TV (WNYE-DT3) and available as a podcast.Wolff is featured
regularly in television,print and internet media.The New York Times Magazine
has named him "America's most prominent Marxist economist".Wolff
lives in Manhattan with his wife and frequent collaborator,Harriet Fraad,a
practicing psychotherapist.
Professor Richard Wolff.jpg
14 Sabrina Salvati-is leftist educator,content creator and host of Sabby Sabs
podcast.She spent most of her childhood growing up in Germany and saw many
benefits of leftist policies.Sabrina does leftist commentary and interviews
activists,candidates,entrepreneurs and other change makers fighting political and
social issues.
Sabrina Salvati.jpg

15 The Grayzone-is a news website and blog founded and edited by American
journalist Max Blumenthal.The website, initially founded as The Grayzone Project,
was affiliated with AlterNet before becoming independent in early 2018.Other
contributors to the program are Ben Norton(until January 2022),Aaron Mate and
Anya Parampil.Aaron Mate exposed the staged chemical arrack in 2018 in Syria.
The Grayzone 2.jpgThe Grayzone.jpg
16 CGTN-(China Global Television Network) is an English-language news channel based
in Beijing,China.

17 RT-(Russia Today)is a Russian international news television network funded by
the Russian government.It operates pay television and free-to-air channels directed
to audiences outside of Russia,as well as providing Internet content inRussian,
English,Spanish,French,German and Arabic.

18 Cross Talk-Peter John Lavelle is an American journalist and host of CrossTalk,
a political talk show on the English-language TV channel RT.Lavelle,originally from
Beverly Hills,California is now based in Moscow as he has been over 25 years.
Cross Talk.jpg

19 Li JingJing-an excellent Chinese journalist also a scuba-diver,a world-traveller
and most importantly,a Chinese!She says follow me to get to know more fun stories
about China!
Li JingJing.jpg 

20 The Duran-an excellent podcast hosted by two Greeks:Alexander

Mercouris and Alex Christoforou living in the UK that can be found at
The Duran.jpg
And there are many more sources.Further,you may want to try
installing VPN (Virtual Private Network)on your computer.
So,you will be able to view videos and websites that some
governments do not want people to visit (these governments
want to decide what we should and shouldn't see).For about
60 US Dollars I have VPN installed on my computer for the
next 3 years.I get news from countries like Iran and Russia.
Below is a link to VPN.Follow the link and they should be able
to direct you to getting VPN installed onto a computer.



  Before I start I will say what I have said multiple times in
previous year end reviews.The greatest threat to peace and
stability in this world is not Russia,it is not China,it is
not Iran,it is not North Korea it is unequivocally the USA.The
USA is the culprit who started this war in Ukraine.The USA has
had a track record for starting wars in the past.
Here are a few examples.
In 1963 US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.The US government put the blame on a lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald.In 1963 I was 10 years old but I smelled a dead rat.I then knew there was something rotten in the USA.Lee Harvey Oswald was just a patsy.This was clearly done by the CIA.The CIA wanted a Bay Of Pigs 2.0-Kennedy refused.The CIA wanted a war in Vietnam again Kennedy refused.Kennedy even wanted to dismantle the CIA.Good enough motive for a bunch of sociopaths to want
to rub JFK out.

  In August of 1964 the US government accused the North
Vietnamese government of firing at a US vessel in the Gulf Of
Tonkin.This incident resulted in starting the Vietnamese War
resulting in 58,000 dead Americans and millions of dead
Vietnamese.In 2003 former US Secretary Of Defense Robert
McNamara appeared before the US Congress admitting no Vietnamese
vessel ever fired at any US vessel in the Gulf of Tonkin in

  In 2003 the US government accused Iraq of having Weapons of
Mass Destruction to start an invasion.Then after the invasion
no WMDs were discovered.

  Now one of the most recent American lies is that in July of
2014 Russia took a missile from Russia into Ukraine and shot
down a Malaysian airliner flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.
Then the same vehicle went back across the border into Russia.
Although this was a Malaysian airline no Malaysians were
involved in the investigations.No Russians just Ukrainian
officials were involved in the investigation.Perhaps one day
the truth will be revealed.
That is why when I hear western news services report a
story I am not quick to believe it.As a matter of fact I will
assume the story is false and see what I can do to debunk
this assertion.
  Now back to the war in Ukraine.The war did not begin on
February 24,2022.It began in February of 2
014.Before we start
you should know some Russian and Ukraine history.Russia has
been invaded several times from Europe in the past.In the
1800s Napoleon tried to invade Russia and the French were
defeated with the help of the Russian winter.Hitler was to
meet the same fate in World War II.Old man winter may be the
same culprit in helping the Ukraine and NATO meet their own
demise.Only half a million Americans (who entered the war when
it was almost half over) died while over 26 million Russians
died in World War II.The Russians do not like Nazis.However in
western Ukraine there are many Ukrainians who supported the
Nazis and continued their support for Nazis after World War II
ended.That is why western Ukraine which was primarily agrarian
is rather nationalistic while the industrialized eastern
Ukraine was more pro-Russian.

  Anyway,Russia and Ukraine were part of the same country the
U.S.S.R. until 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union.In
2014 the Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych who was sympathetic
to the Russian speaking areas of Ukraine was not very popular.
He was up for re-election in about a year and was not likely to
win.In 2014 there were protests against Yanukovych.But America uses the same playbook like it did in Afghanistan in
1979,what they have tried to use in Hong Kong and what they
are trying to use now in Iran,when a certain segment of a
population displays discontent with a government (one that
the USA wants to see gone) the USA will try to encourage the
most violent segments of that population to overthrow the
government.And the Nazis in western Ukraine were the perfect
target.Just like the USA colluded with the Mujahideen in
Afghanistan in 1979.They did likewise with the Nazis in Ukraine.

  In February of 2014 when Viktor Yanukovych had his government
overthrown,and he fled the country because he feared for his
life,this was when the Ukraine war began.

  One footnote every year since 2014 a resolution has been
proposed by Russia in the UN General Assembly to condemn
Nazism And Racism and every year the USA and Ukraine always
oppose the resoltion.In December of 2021 the USA and the
Ukraine were the only two countries to oppose the resolution.

 Crimea had always belonged to Russia.From 1791 to 1954 Crimea
was part of Russia.In 1954 Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev
who was Ukrainian made Crimea part of Ukraine.But Crimea and
Russia were still part of the same country the U.S.S.R.In 1991
when the Soviet Union collapsed Crimea stayed with Ukraine.
Russia has a big military base in Crimea.The people in Crimea
speak Russian. Most Crimeans belong to the Russian Orthodox
Church.So in 2014 when this coup d'etat occurred in Ukraine
the people in Crimea were furious,held a referendum and voted
overwhelmingly to become part of Russia.

  At the same time in the other Russian speaking area of
Ukraine the Donbass.They too were not very happy with the new
government.So,in September of 2014 Russia,France and Germany
recognized the Donbass as an autonomous region but yet still
part of Ukraine.France and Germany were supposed to enforce
this agreement known as the Minsk Accords.Recently,Angela Merkel
admitted that France and Germany never had any intention of
enforcing the Minsk Accords after Russia negotiated on good faith
and they were just trying to buy time.Then for 8 years the
Ukrainian military continued attacking the people in the Russian
speaking regions of Ukraine.

 Then in December of 2021 Russia drafted a treaty proposal
demanding that NATO would not expand into Ukraine.NATO
dismissed this as a non-starter. Western countries forget the
1962 Cuban Missile Crisis when the USA had for years been
trying to overthrow the Cuban government.The U.S.S.R. was
going to give Cuba nuclear weapons to protect themselves.The USA
would not tolerate this.Now the shoe is on the other foot.Do
you think Russians would tolerate nuclear weapons to be
situated so close to Russia to where within three minutes they
could strike the Kremlin.

  So,after 8 years of the Ukrainian military attacking Russians
in the Russian speaking areas of Ukraine and the USA rejecting
Russia's treaty proposal the Russians told the western
countries-You have crossed a red line and there will be
consequences.Hence,Russia began their military operation in
Ukraine on February 24,2022.

  In March of 2022 a peace agreement was almost about to be
signed between Ukraine and Russia (where Russia was
willing to give up a lot).Then suddenly UK Prime Minister
Boris Johnson acting like an errand by for Washington,D.C.
flew to Ukraine and told the Ukrainians to reject any peace
agreement and to keep on fighting.

Then between September 23 and 27 four regions of Ukraine 
(Luhansk,Donetsk,Kherson and Zaporizhzhia) held referendums
and voted to become part of Russia.On Friday,September 30 all
four regions officially became part of Russia.Currently
Ukrainian filmmaker Igor Lopatonok is making movie on the truth
about the Ukraine War.Also,Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett
gives an excellent interview to the CBC where she exposes
the truth about the situation in Ukraine.

  The war still continues.The western media has horrendously
been lying. On CNN or the BBC you will hear no mention of the
2014 coup d'etat,no mention of the eight years of military
attacks by the Ukraine military on the Russian speaking areas
of Ukraine,continuous lie that Ukraine is winning this war
amongst countless other lies.Russia has tried diplomacy and
every means possible to prevent what has happened what may
happen from occurring and has had no success so far.Russia
can not afford to lose this war.A defeat for Russia would be
ultimate humiliation.On the other hand if Russia is victorious
Putin may go down in history as one of the greatest individuals
to walk the face of this earth.He brought down the racist
hegemonic bully the U.S.A.


Brics 2022.jpg

On February 24,2022 when Russia began their military operation
in the Ukraine this marked the beginning of the end for the US
Empire.Ever since 1991 the US has been bullying countries all
over the world with threats,invasions and inciting military
coup d'etats.Russia said they have finally had it and won't
tolerate any more of America's arrogance and abuse.Russia is
not stupid they know American and their Europen lap dogs will
throw everything at them including the kitchen sink.Of
course,America will not just set off quietly into the
sunset.But Russia is prepared.Putin knows that February 24
marked the beginning of the end of US domination.We are heading to a multi-polar world.

   There have been developments in other areas toward a
multi-polar world.In the UN General Assembly countries like
India have abstained from condemning Russia for the war in
Ukraine even after much arm twisting by the USA.

 On Monday,November 14 India abstained in the UN General
Assembly on a draft resolution calling for Russia to be held
accountable for violations of international law by its invasion
of Ukraine and requiring Moscow to pay reparations to Kyiv for
damages,loss and injury resulting from the war.
  The draft resolution,'Furtherance of remedy and reparation
for aggression against Ukraine',introduced by Ukraine saw 14
countries vote against the resolution and 73 abstentions,
including India,Bangladesh,Bhutan,Brazil, Egypt,Indonesia,
Israel,Nepal,Pakistan,South Africa and Sri Lanka.

 In October the Saudi Arabian government agreed to reduce oil
production and start accepting payments in currencies other
than the US dollar.Thus is a bigger blow than any war can
bring to US hegemony.
 Then you have the BRICS countries (Brazil,Russia,India,China
and South Africa) creating a counter-balance to the G7 and the
EU at a meeting June where they were deciding to start their
own currency to be backed up by gold and natural
resources-essentially saying FUCK YOU to the US dollar.They
also will be implementing their own SWIFT system.

  You also have many countries that want to be come BRIC members.
The Russian Foreign Minister,Sergey Lavrov has stated that
"over a dozen" countries have formally applied to join the
BRICS grouping following the groups decision to allow new members
earlier this year.
   Lavrov stated that Algeria,Argentina and Iran had all applied,
while it is already known that Saudi Arabia,Turkiye,Egypt
and Afghanistan are interested,along with Indonesia,which is
expected to make a formal application to join at the upcoming
G20 summit in Bali.
  Other likely contenders for membership include Kazakhstan,
Nicaragua,Nigeria,Senegal,Thailand and the United Arab
Emirates.All had their Finance Ministers present at the BRICS
Expansion dialogue meeting held in May.These countries make up
more than half the world's population.Russia may have lost
Europe,the USA,Canada and Australia (which only make up 13% of
the world population)but they gained the rest of the world.

One other note is that many African,Asian and South American countries are now standing up to the USA and won't kiss America's ass.They won't tolerate abuse by the Americans.A new world is likely to consist of countries displaying respect and not infringing on the sovereignty of other nations.A world of countries co-operating with one another.Not having one country bullying and threatening all the other countries.Currently all signs indicate the USA is headed on a downward spiral. In a December speech by Russian President Putin he see the next 10 years to be rather tumultuous.With the BRICS countries continuing to gain in strength in the next ten years,they will be clashing
with the US and Europe trying to hang on to dominance.I can guarantee you the USA will not go quietly.This will explain the turbulent times that lie ahead.Hopefully in 10 years the western countries may come to accepting the sovereignties of all countries and not look at them as prey to be ravished.I do not know whether or not the new world order will be successful or not.I just know having a unipolar world dominated by one arrogant bully has to go.





Xi Jinping.jpg



This post is an update of an article I posted in my 2020 year-end reviews. Many of the citizens in western democracies consider communists more deplorable than child molesters and serial murderers.This is understandable.In the USA from the time you are born you are taught that the USA is the best.The media will smear anyone who says anything positive about countries like Russia,China or Cuba.
In 2019,Bernie Sanders mentioned the fact that China lifted over 800 million people
out of extreme poverty and he was heavily attacked by politicians and the
media. see: million-people-out-of-poverty-is-historic-world-bank-117101300027_1.html One thing
worth mentioning is that with a capitalist economic system China would have
never been able to lift 800 million people out of extreme poverty.You see,
when thinking about communism think of it like this.Suppose there is a harbor
with many different kind of boats just parked in the harbor.You have dingys,
rowboats,sailboats,big yachts,cruise liners and big cargo ships.When the tide
comes in all the boats will rise.Unlike capitalism where only the bigger boats
will rise.In capitalism profit is what is most important and a capitalist will
try to get as much as he or she can while investing as little as they can.
In Cuba all the citizens get free health care and free education up to the
PH.D. level.Now Cuba's average life expectancy is now longer than that of the
USA.This will never get mentioned in the western media.So it is no surprise
why so many westerners despise communism like they do.
I used to think the same way.I have been to 188 countries around the world visiting countries like Vietnam,Iran,Russia and Cuba.I met people from these countries,listened to them and looked them in the eyes.Now,I can clearly
and unequivocally beyond any reasonable doubt say.The greatest threat to peace
and stability in this world is not Russia,it is not China,it is not North Korea,
it is not Iran,it is the USA.
Prof Richard Wolff.jpg Before I continue two good books to read from 2019 are "Understanding Communism"
and "Understanding Marxism",The author of both books is Professor Richard D.Wolff.He
is is an American economist,known for his work on economic methodology and class analysis.
He is Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and
currently a Visiting Professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs of
the New School University in New York.He has also taught economics at Yale University,
City University of New York,University of Utah,University of Paris I (Sorbonne) and
The Brecht Forum in New York City. nVoyzQEACAAJ&source=kp_book_description&redir_esc=y
Understanding Marxism.jpgUnderstanding Socialism.jpg If you ever have a course at university in government theory you will know that
capitalism has its good points and communism has its good points.Either one carried
to an extreme is detrimental.Many Scandinavian countries know how to balance both
capitalism and socialism.However in the USA capitalism is being carried to the
extreme. Forms of socialism in one way or another have existed for many years in the USA.
What do you think "Minimum Wage" laws,"Child Labor" laws and social security are.They
are all forms of socialism.Most people have no objections to these laws unless you
are a rich sadistic billionaire who has no problem with exploiting other human beings. In the USA I hear most middle class Americans gripe at such programs as welfare and food stamps.How blind sighted.In 2019 Trump gave a one billion dollar tax cut
to the top 1%.You see the government needs money to run.When the government does not
get money from the top 1% that means the bottom 99% has to pick up the slack.But
capitalists won't complain about this. Not to be partisan.In 2008 banks loaned money to people who they knew could not repay these loans.As a result the home owners defaulted.Rather than bail out the
homeowners Obama used taxpayer money (money from the bottom 99%) to bail out the
banks resulting in over 5 million people getting thrown out on the street.Mainstream
media will not talk about this. Now because of the COVID-19 crisis Trump gives a one trillion dollar bail out to
cruise line and airline companies.Hold on a second.To avoid paying taxes many of the
cruise line companies are registered outside the USA.Now American taxpayers have to
bail them out.Also many of these airline companies rather than expand their businesses
or increase their employees salary they chose to buy back their own stocks to increase
the stock's value.So much of their money is tied up in stock buy backs.They are not
losing money because of the COVID-19 crisis.Yet American taxpayers have to bail them
out.You will not hear capitalists complain about this. What is the epitome of capitalism is the hubris.After all capitalism is about winning and capitalists will resort to any means to obtaining that goal.Many westerners truly believe their economic system is the best and any other system should be wiped off the face of the earth.In 1950 the USA killed 20% of the
North Korean population because they would not (still don't) embrace the economic
system the USA desires. In 1953 the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in Iran wanted to nationalize the oil companies.The USA and UK would not
tolerate this and staged a coup d'etat resulting in them installing a dictator The
Shah {Mohammad Reza Pahlavi) as their leader. In 1973 the USA installed another dictator Augosto Pinochet as the leader of Chile after staging a coup d'etat against the democratically elected government of President Salvador Allende. Vietnam chose to have a different economic system from that of the USA and that resulted in over 3 million Vietnamese and more than 58,000 Americans dying.

One will note the USA's capitalist is definitely not democratic.Top CEOs and
mangement in major corporations (i.e Wal-Mart) comprise less than one percent of the
company's labor force.Although these CEO's are enriching themselves from the labor of the
bottom 99% they make all the decisions for the bottom 99%-what is their salary,how long
is your break time,what is your job description,blah,blah,blah... The USA claims to advocate democracy but yet the USA provides military assistance
to 73 Percent of the World's dictatorships. See:
worlds-dictatorships/5611021 Many western countries promote enormous propaganda about Communist countries. China now has the second biggest economy in the world and is destined in the near
future to overtake the USA.Furter,the Chinese private sector contributes more than
60 percent of China's GDP growth and brings in over half of China's fiscal revenue. See: You listen to some American red neck talk and he will say how authoritarian is
China's one party system is.China does have a one party but it is not as monolithic
as many believe.The party has about 90 million members (about the population of Germany)
and they come from all different backgrounds.When they meet in Beijing they come to
discuss and conduct business.Unlike western countries where in their parliaments
they exchange insults.In China once a law is passed it is enacted from the top down.
In western governments you have one party wanting this and another wanting that and
nothing gets done. Further,in western countries like the USA you really don't have a democracy.The two
major political parties have been hijacked by the wealthy.Both Democrats and Republicans
first priority is to keep their donors happy.They both like war,they both support
banks,support big Pharma and enjoy fucking the poor.If anyone deviates they will get
thrown under the bus.Just look at Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard.Even AOC who prides
herself in not accepting corporate donations has capitulated.Nancy Pelosi gave her
a job on the "House Ways And Means Committee".She was told by Pelosi to get in line
and support demented Joe Biden in the 2020 election or risk losing her job.What good
is it to reject corporate money when you are going to be just another brick in the wall. This COVID-19 crisis really displaying capitalism at its zenith.Many people are losing their jobs.So they can't pay their rent,then the landlords can't pay their mortgages.Then many small banks will be losing money and they will get sucked
up by the bigger banks.The very very wealthy will be able to sustain the COVID-19
crisis.However,there are many rich people who will become middle class.Many middle
class will become working class.Many working class people will become poor and many
poor will become extremely poor.Then there will be a fire sale for the very rich and
they will buy up all these properties.Then make a lot of money when the COVID-19 crisis
ends.Some say after this crisis about 100,000 people will own all the property in
the USA.We are heading back to the days of feudalism with the "lord of the manor"
and the serf.
The word communism comes from community.In communism whatever is good for all the
people is most important.In capitalism the rights of the individual are of paramount
importance.In the aftermath of a school shooting in the USA where many small children
died,a capitalist politician's primary concern was whether or not the government will
try to take her guns away.In a communist country having small children being safe at
school trumps (no pun intended) an individual's right to possess an AK-47. Capitalists believe "there are winners and there are losers".While a communist thinks "why can't we all be winners". Before I close this section I will leave with this antidote. You have two tables with a pie at each table.Each pie has 6 slices.At one table
you have six communists and at the other table you have 6 capitalists.At the table
with the 6 communists they will share the pie allowing one piece for each person.At
the other table one of the capitalists will try to kill the other 5 capitalists,so
they can have the entire pie all to themselves.Or all 6 capitalists may have a shoot
out (like the one at the OK Coral) and none of the capitalists will get any of the pie.

In 1975 Bruce Springsteen said:


The 2022 United States elections were held on November 8,2022
with the exception of absentee balloting.During this U.S.
midterm election,which occurred during the term of incumbent
president Joe Biden of the Democratic Party,all 435 seats in
the U.S. House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in
the U.S. Senate were contested to determine the 118th United
States Congress.Thirty-nine state and territorial U.S.
gubernatorial elections,as well as numerous state and local
elections,were also contested.This was the first election
affected by the 2022 U.S. redistricting that followed the 2020
U.S. census.The Republican Party won the House by a narrow
majority,and Democrats retained control of the Senate.
    While midterm elections typically see the incumbent
president's party lose a substantial number of seats in
Congress,Democrats dramaticallyoutperformed the historical
trend,a widely anticipated red wave election did not materialize,
and the race for control was closer than expected.Republicans
did well in strongholds like Florida,Tennessee and Texas and
also saw a surge in traditionally Democratic New York,which was
enough for them to flip the House with a slight majority;this
was somewhat offset by a historic underperformance in critical
battlegrounds,including in the Senate,where voters rejected
Republicans that were backed by Donald Trump or that denied
Trump's loss in the 2020 U.S. presidential election,defying
election analysts' predictions and expectations of a more
Republican-leaning national environment.
    Democrats had a net gain of two in the gubernatorial 
elections,flipping governorships in Arizona,Maryland and
Massachusetts;conversely,Republicans flipped Nevada's
governorship.Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida"previously
considered one of the nation's most contested swing states"won
reelection in an unexpectedly large landslide,leading to
analysts calling him the election night's biggest winner
as well as the Republican Party's only big win.In the state
legislative elections,Democrats flipped both chambers of the
Michigan Legislature,the Minnesota Senate,the Pennsylvania
House of Representatives and achieved a coalition government in
the Alaska Senate.As a result of these legislative and
gubernatorial results,Democrats gained government trifectas in
Michigan for the first time since 1983,and in Massachusetts,
Maryland and Minnesota for the first time since 2015.Their
unexpected strength in state-level elections was historic;2022
is the first midterm since 1934 in which the president's party
did not lose control of a single state legislative chamber.This
also marked the first midterm since 1986 in which the incumbent
president's party made a net gain of governorships,and the
first midterm since 1934 in which Democrats made a net gain of
governorships under a Democratic president.

   Six referendums to preserve or expand abortion access 
uniformly won,including in the states of Kansas,Kentucky,
Michigan and Montana,as did those increasing the minimum wage
(Nebraska,Nevada and Washington, D.C.) and expanding Medicaid
coverage (South Dakota),while Maryland and Missouri became the
latest U.S. states to legalize recreational cannabis.Voters in
Nevada also approved ranked voting over first-past-the-post,
while those in Illinois and Tennessee approved a state
constitutional right to collective bargain and a right-to-work
law,respectively.All but Louisiana of the five states where it
was on the ballot (Alabama,Tennessee,Oregon and Vermont)
abolished slavery as punishment for a crime.
    Issues that favored Democrats included significant concern
over extremism and a lack of respect for democratic norms
among Republicans,along with abortion rights and a potential
Trump 2024 campaign.Among others, youth turnout and raised
concern over climate change and the relative popularity of
Biden's climate policy also played a role.Both general turnout
and turnout among voters aged 18-29,which are a strongly
Democratic constituency,were the second-highest (after 2018) of
any midterm since 1970.The elections continued demographic
trends starting in 2012,in which Republicans made gains among
the working class,especially whites but since 2016 also some
minorities like Latinos,while Democrats improved among
college-educated whites.


  On May 14,2022 a mass shooting occurred in Buffalo,New York,USA,at a Tops Friendly Markets supermarket in the East Side neighborhood.Ten people,all of whom were Black,were murdered and three were injured.The shooter livestreamed part of the attack on Twitch,but the livestream was shut down by the service in under two minutes. The perpetrator,identified as 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron,was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder.He formally entered a plea of "not guilty" on May 19,2022.On November 28,2022,Gendron pleaded guilty to all state charges in the shooting,including murder,terrorism and hate crimes.

 Gendron is reported to have written a manifesto,describing himself as an
ethno-nationalist and a supporter of white supremacy who is motivated to
commit acts of political violence.He voiced support for the far-right "Great
Replacement" conspiracy theory in the context of a "white genocide". The
attack has been described as an act of domestic terrorism and it is also being investigated as a hate crime which was motivated by racism.Governor
Kathy Hochul promised policy changes in the state as a result of the
attack,while condemning the shooter.



  On May 24, 2022,a mass shooting occurred at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde,Texas,United States,where 18-year-old Salvador Ramos,a former student at the school,fatally shot nineteen students and two teachers and wounded seventeen others.Earlier in the day,he shot his grandmother in the face at home,severely wounding her. He fired shots for approximately five minutes outside the school,before entering unobstructed with an AR-15 style rifle through an unlocked side entrance door.He then shut himself inside two adjoining classrooms,without locking the classroom door,killed the victims, and remained in the school for more than an hour before members of the United States Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) fatally shot him after they bypassed numerous local and state officers who had been in the school's hallways for over an hour.The shooting is the third-deadliest school shooting in the United States,after the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012,and the deadliest in Texas. 

 Police officers waited 1 hour and 14 minutes on-site before breaching the classroom to engage the shooter.Police also cordoned off the school grounds, resulting in violent conflicts between police and civilians, including parents,who were attempting to enter the school to rescue children.[As a consequence, law enforcement officials in Uvalde have been heavily criticized for their response to the shooting,and their conduct is being reviewed in separate investigations by the Texas Ranger Division and the United States Department of Justice.Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) officials laid much of the responsibility for the police response on Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Department (UCISD PD) chief Pedro Arredondo, who they identified as the incident commander.Arredondo refuted the characterization of his role as incident commander, but was later fired by the Uvalde school board for his actions during the shooting.A report conducted by the Texas House of Representatives Investigative Committee attributed the fault more widely to "systemic failures and egregious poor decision making" by many authorities. The report said,"At Robb Elementary,law enforcement responders failed to adhere to their active shooter training,and they failed to prioritize saving the lives of innocent victims over their own safety... there was an unacceptably long period of time before officers breached the classroom,neutralized the attacker and began rescue efforts." 

 Shortly after the shooting,local and state officials gave inaccurate reports of the timeline of events and exaggerated police actions.The Texas Department of Public Safety acknowledged that it was an error for law enforcement to delay an assault on Ramos' position in the student-filled classrooms, attributing this to the school district police chief's assessment of the situation as one with a "barricaded subject" instead of an "active shooter".Law enforcement was also aware there were injured individuals in the school before they made their entrance. 

 Following the shooting, which occurred ten days after the 2022 Buffalo shooting,wider discussions ensued about American gun culture and violence,gridlock in politics,and law enforcement's failure to halt or intervene during the attack.Around a month after the shooting,Congress passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and President Biden signed the bill into law; it was the most significant federal gun reform legislation since the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. 

 Robb Elementary was closed permanently following the shooting and will be demolished. 

 In 1996 mass shootings ocurred in Dublane,Scotland,UK and in Port Arthur,Tasmania,Australia.Immediatly following the mass shootings the governments in both the UK and Australia enacted very strict gun laws.Since 1996 there has not been any mass shootings in both the UK and Australia.


plane crash.jpg

  The crash of a US F-35C stealth fighter jet in the South China Sea on January 23 continues to be a much-discussed topic in Chinese social media platforms, after the US navy confirmed the authenticity of footage and photographs of the accident.Netizens and experts said it indicates technical and operational problems, as well as loose management and exhaustion in the US military,despite the country's desire to flaunt its military might against China. 

 On Monday,January 24 the day after a US dual aircraft carrier group entered the South China Sea,an F-35C stealth fighter jet crashed and then fell into the sea after trying to land on the USS Carl Vinson, one of the carriers. 

 It is the first known crash of F-35C,one of most advanced stealth fighter jets in the world and each one is reportedly worth $100 million.  

 A still photograph and a 14-second video about the accident circulated in the global media on Friday,January 28.The photograph shows the plane floating on the surface of the South China Sea, its cockpit open after the pilot had ejected.The F-35 can also be seen on its landing approach to the aircraft carrier but the footage cuts off before the plane hits the flight deck.

 A spokesperson for the US Navy's 7th Fleet said on January 28 that an investigation into the incident is ongoing and the images that have emerged on social media since the crash are genuine,CNN reported. 

 "The ship has assessed that the video and photo covered by the media today were taken on board USS Carl Vinson ... during the crash,"Commander Hayley Sims, public affairs officer for the 7th Fleet,was quoted as saying by CNN. 

The footage is short,but it shows that the aircraft is very close to the aircraft carrier after finishing the last turn,which leaves little time for the pilot to adjust flying position, Wang Yanan, chief editor of Beijing-based Aerospace Knowledge magazine,told the Global Times. 

 Such a landing method is rare in normal training,and is more likely to be applied during combat or when something goes wrong with the aircraft, according to experts. 

 "Maybe the pilot was trying to show off, but messed it up" no zuo no die, why you try," a user of China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo commented on Saturday.January 29. 

 "No zuo no die" is a Chinese internet meme that means "one would not be in trouble had one not asked for it." 

 "Maybe it is just the US navy testing a new amphibious fighter in the South China Sea," another netizen commented. 

 Some netizens wondered how such a confidential matter could have been leaked and circulated in the global media,as it is an embarrassment for the US navy. 

 Others said the accident might be a conspiracy by the US military so that they can stay in the South China Sea for longer and even explore the topography in the area. 

 The operation to recover the F-35C from the bottom of the South China Sea could take up to 120 days,media reports said,citing US military officials. 

 Experts said the US would not have wanted to put itself in such an embarrassing position,especially while trying to flex its muscles on the doorstep of China. The leak of the footage of the crash also shows loose management in the US navy, they noted.  

 Some explanations for the accident have been suggested. First, the landing speed was too high which meant that the landing gear broke;second,the landing was not in the correct position. Only one of the plane's wheels touched the deck so that the F-35C tilted and fell off the ship,Fu Qianshao,a Chinese military aviation expert,told the Global Times on Saturday.January 29. 

 It might have been because the aircraft carrier was shaking, or the aircraft just targeted the wrong landing site,according to Fu. 

 More details will be needed to figure out the real cause of the accident.But the fact that the aircraft could be seen floating for a while shows that it smacked onto the surface of the sea rather than heading down directly,Fu said. 

 However,Wang Yanan noted that the US military will probably not release more details of the investigation as it would involve a lot of confidential information concerning the US navy's combat capacity,such as the training level of their pilots,the management level on the US aircraft carriers and some technical details.  

 It is also possible that the flight engaged the arresting cable but it then got unhooked.In this case,the cable would kick back and hurt the ground staff,Wang said. 

 Such an accident would mean that the deck of the aircraft carrier would temporarily lose its work capacity.If this happened during combat,the carrier would be a vulnerable target,Wang noted. 

 "No matter what the reason is, the accident shows that the US military has some problems with training," a military expert told the Global Times on condition of anonymity echoing Wang. 

 The expert also noted that the pilot was probably not concentrating enough when trying to land on the deck so that he failed to correct course in time. The US has carried out numerous exercises in waters near China, so this accident will put a lot of psychological pressure on the pilots and reduce their operational efficiency, the expert noted. 

 However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said it was aware that a US Navy stealth fighter had crashed in the South China Sea but "had no interests in their plane."

   "We advise [the US] to contribute more to regional peace and stability,rather than flexing force at every turn in [the South China Sea]," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said.



    U.S. politician Nancy Pelosi,while serving as the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives,visited Taiwan (officially the Republic of China)on 2 August 2022.A delegation of five Democratic Party members of the House accompanied Pelosi on the visit. The two-day trip to Taiwan was part of tour of Asia that also included stops in Singapore,Malaysia,South Korea and Japan.President Joe Biden discouraged but did not prevent Pelosi from travelling to Taiwan, and the White House later affirmed her right to visit the island nation.

 Taiwanese foreign minister Joseph Wu received Pelosi and her delegation.Shortly after her arrival,Pelosi said that her visit was a sign of the United States' "unwavering commitment to supporting Taiwan's vibrant democracy."Pelosi's trip included a visit to the Legislative Yuan and a meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen before her departure for South Korea.

 The visit was condemned by the People's Republic of China (PRC),which sent warnings through diplomatic channels to the U.S. government.After Pelosi's departure, the PRC commenced military exercises encircling Taiwan,which ran from 4 to 7 August 2022.Additional "regular" exercises were announced to run in the Yellow and Bohai Sea until August 15 and September 8 respectively,but ended early on August 10.

 President Tsai Ing-wen also paid former US Secretary of State $350,000 (US) to come to Taiwan and give a speech.However all these action came at a price for President Tsai Ing-wen in the 2022 Taiwanese elections.

 Local elections were held in Taiwan on November 26 and to be held on December 18,2022 to elect county magistrates (city mayors),county (city) councilors,township mayors,township councilors and chiefs of village (borough) in 6 municipalities and 16 counties (cities).Elected officials would serve a four-year term.The election was held alongside the 2022 Taiwanese constitutional referendum.

 The election resulted in a big loss for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party as all mayoral and magisterial candidates in the north were defeated.Tsai Ing-wen,the incumbent President of the Republic of China,resigned as party head after the poll.

 You will find very little mention of these election results in western media.



   The famous whistleblower has been living in Russia since 2013 after he was stripped of his US passport for leaking classified documents revealing US domestic surveillance programs and an international espionage web.
   Edward Snowden has officially become a Russian citizen, taking an oath of allegiance and receiving a Russian passport on Thursday,December 1,Anatoly Kucherena,the US-born whistleblower's lawyer,said.
   He noted that Snowden is thankful for the opportunity to become Russian,stressing that now he can't be extradited to a foreign state.In the meantime,Snowden's wife is also applying for Russian citizenship,he added.
    The official ceremony comes after a September decree by President Vladimir Putin that granted Snowden Russian citizenship.The ex-CIA contractor commented on the issue,saying that after "two years of waiting and nearly ten years of exile" obtaining a Russian passport would provide stability for him,his wife and two sons.
    In June 2013,Snowden was charged by the US Justice Department with violating the Espionage Act of 1917 and government property theft,after he exposed classified data to the press.The data showed that US intelligence services and their allies were spying on US citizens and foreign leaders on a grand scale.
    Following this,he had to escape the US and his passport was revoked when Snowden was heading to South America.He had to spend a month in Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport until the Russian government granted him asylum.
    Since 2013 he got his girlfriend (now wife) to come to Russia.They married had some children and love how they have been treated by the Russian people.
    Sadly Julian Assange who like Edward Snowden is wanted for violating the Esptonage Act by the US Government chose to seek refuge in the UK-wrong country.Assange has been residing in a UK prison for more than 3 years awaiting extradition to the USA.


shireen abu akleh.jpg
shireen abu akleh 2.jpg

    Shireen Abu Akleh was a Palestinian-American journalist who worked as a reporter for the Arabic-language channel Al Jazeera for 25 years, and was one of the most prominent names across the Middle East for her decades of reporting in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.Over the course of her career,she reported on numerous major events affecting Palestinians,while also analyzing Israeli politics.Her televised reporting and distinctive sign-offs became common knowledge,and,as a leading journalist in the Arab world,she was a source of inspiration for many other Palestinians and Arabs,particularly as a role model for Arab women intent on pursuing careers in journalism.

 On May 11,2022,while covering a raid by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on the Jenin Refugee camp in the West Bank,Abu Akleh,who was wearing a blue vest with "PRESS" written on it,was shot and killed.Despite initial reports by her colleagues (including an AFP photojournalist) accusing Israeli soldiers for her death,Israel initially denied responsibility and blamed Palestinian militants. Later, the IDF stated that a probe found that it was possible she had been killed by fire from either the IDF or Palestinians.Separate investigations were conducted by international news outlets, including The New York Times,The Washington Post and Bellingcat,as well as by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights,all of which concluded that the shot that killed her came from Israeli forces;an independent investigation by CNN concluded that her death was the result of a targeted Israeli killing.Further investigation by the US State Department also concluded she was "likely killed by Israeli fire", though US officials stated there was "no reason to believe" her shooting was intentional.On September 5,the IDF admitted a "high possibility" that the journalist was "accidentally hit" by army fire,but said that,despite US requests to do so,it would not undertake a criminal investigation into her death.Forensic Architecture,a London-based research group,rejected Israel's findings on 20 September,with its investigation finding that she was deliberately targeted and that sustained shooting indicated "Shireen was actively and deliberately denied medical aid" in the absence of fighting in the area.In November 2022, the U.S. Department of Justice opened an investigation into the killing,a move that Israel condemned and stated they would not cooperate with.

 The manner of her death and the subsequent violent disruption of her funeral drew widespread international condemnation of Israel.During the funeral,Israeli Police officers attacked pallbearers who were carrying her coffin from the Saint Joseph Hospital in East Jerusalem with batons and stun grenades.The hospital itself was stormed by Israeli police who hit,shoved and trampled on patients,threw stun grenades,wounding and causing burns to medical staff.The facility issued a statement from the Christian Churches of the Holy Land group,representing 15 Christian denominations,stating that the Israeli police's actions constituted "invasion and disproportionate use of force ... (and) a severe violation of international norms and regulations,including the fundamental right of freedom of religion." Her funeral was attended by tens of thousands of Palestinians carrying flags and chanting nationalist songs.It is believed to have been the largest Palestinian funeral in Jerusalem in over twenty years.


N0RD stream.jpg

  While the US,Russia and most European governments have reserved judgment as to who might be behind the September 24 explosion that damaged both Nord Stream pipelines, former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski had no such qualms."Thank you USA," Sikorski tweeted on Tuesday,September 25 alongside a photo of the massive gas leak in the waters of the Baltic Sea.Both pipelines were severely damaged off the coast of the Danish island of Bornholm, in what many now call a deliberate act.

 Sikorski later tweeted,in Polish,that damage to Nord Stream means that Russia will have to "talk to the countries controlling the Brotherhood and Yamal gas pipelines,Ukraine and Poland" if it wishes to continue delivering gas to Europe. "Good work," he concluded. 

 Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 lost all pressure on Monday, after what the Swedish and Danish authorities later said were a series of undersea explosions. The first pipeline was operating at reduced capacity after what Russia said were technical difficulties,while the second was fully pressurized but not operational,due to German refusal to certify it.


 Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki didn't go quite as far as Sikorski,but chose to describe the Nord Stream incident as "an act of sabotage,related to the next step of escalation of the situation in Ukraine." 

 Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wondered if Sikorsky's tweet amounted to an "official statement that this was a terrorist attack."Meanwhile, Moscow's deputy ambassador to the UN,Dmitry Polyanskiy, thanked Sikorski for "making it crystal clear who stands behind this terrorist-style targeting of civilian infrastructure!"

 Not just any MEP,Sikorski is a former UK citizen and a fellow at numerous US and NATO think-tanks,as well as Poland's former defense (2005-2007) and foreign minister (2007-2014). In October 2014, he was caught fabricating a claim about Russian President Vladimir Putin wanting to partition Ukraine with Warsaw and was forced to recant. 

 Sikorski called Russia a "serial rapist" in January 2022 and in June told Ukraine's Espreso TV that NATO had the right to give Kiev nuclear weapons. He is married to American pundit Anne Applebaum, who is also an outspoken foe of Russia. 

     While Sikorski thankedthe US for the Nord Stream sabotage, Kiev blamed
Russia.President Vladimir Zelensky's adviser Mikhail Podoliak called it "a
terrorist attack planned by Russia and an act of aggression towards EU,
"arguing the best response would be sending German tanks to the Ukrainian army. 


    Jeffrey Sachs A Columbia University economist claimed that the United States WAS behind the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline,declaring that multiple journalists have said they believe it was an attack directed by Washington, but are unable to report it. 

 Jeffrey Sachs,director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University,appeared on Bloomberg TV on October 1st and was asked about the Ukraine conflict.

 Seismologists in Denmark and Sweden a week ago said they had registered two powerful blasts on September 24 in the vicinity of the leaks from the Nord Stream pipeline, and the explosions were in the water,not under the seabed. 

 Sachs said he saw several reasons why the USA was behind the sabotage. 

 'Well, first, there is direct radar evidence that US military helicopters that are normally based in Gdansk were circling over this area,'Sachs said'. 

 'We also had the threat from the US [President Joe Biden] earlier this year that "one way or another we are going to end Nord Stream." 

 'We also had a remarkable statement from [US] Secretary [of State Antony] Blinken last Friday in a press conference where he said "this is also a tremendous opportunity."' 

 'That's a strange way to talk if you're worried about piracy on international infrastructure of vital significance.' 

 Biden on February 7,standing next to the new chancellor of Germany,Olaf Scholz,stated at a White House news conference that the US would 'bring an end' to the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine. 

 Further look at who stands the most to gain.Europe no longer gets cheap gas from Russia and now has to pay 4 times as much for gas to get it from the USA.



 A series of protests and blockades in Canada against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions,called the Freedom Convoy (French:Convoi de la liberte) by organizers,began in early 2022.The initial convoy movement was created to protest vaccine mandates for crossing the United States border,but later evolved into a protest about COVID-19 mandates in general.Beginning January 22,hundreds of vehicles formed convoys from several points and traversed Canadian provinces before converging on Ottawa on January 29,2022,with a rally at Parliament Hill.The convoys were joined by thousands of pedestrian protesters.Several offshoot protests blockaded provincial capitals and border crossings with the United States. 

   In late 2021,both Canada and the US accommodated unvaccinated cross-border truckers by exempting them from COVID-19 vaccine requirements in order to prevent exacerbating existing supply chain disruptions. The exemptions in Canada ended on January 15,2022,and the US exemption ended on January 22, 2022. Of the 120,000 Canadian licensed truck drivers who regularly serve cross-border routes,approximately 85 per cent were already vaccinated against COVID-19 by January.An estimated 12,000 to 16,000 Canadian truckers could be affected. 

   Protesters occupied the downtown core of Ottawa and stated that they would not leave until all COVID-19 restrictions and mandates were repealed.Officials expressed concern about the economic impact of border blockades.On February 11,Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared a state of emergency,introducing new legal sanctions on the impediment of trade routes,highways,airports,ports,bridges and railways.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Joe Biden spoke on February 11 to discuss ending blockades at the border.On February 14,Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time since its passing in 1988.Between February 17 and 20,a large joint-operation police presence in Ottawa arrested organizers and protesters,removed parked vehicles and dismantled blockades from Ottawa streets.By February 21, most of the protesters had been cleared from Ottawa.Some protesters had their bank accounts seized by the Canadian government.

  The convoy was condemned by trucking industry and labor groups.The Canadian Trucking Alliance stated that most protesters had no connection to trucking. Near a blockade in Coutts,Alberta, multiple weapons were seized and four men charged with conspiracy to commit murder of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers. Officials raised concerns of some protesters' involvement with far-right extremist groups,including those promoting violence and that some protesters called for the federal government of Canada to be overthrown.Some sources have called the protests an occupation or a siege.On the political front,Trudeau and New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh condemned the convoy,while many members of Parliament from the Conservative Party of Canada endorsed the convoy;Republican politicians from the United States and conservative politicians and media figures around the world also endorsed the convoy.Multiple opinion polls showed that a majority of Canadians opposed the convoy,while a minority supported the convoy.



 The war in Ukraine is not the only war going on at present.Since November of 2020 there has been a war going on in Ethiopia.China,Turkey and Iran have been supporting the Ethiopian government.More people have died in this war than the war in Ukraine.But you won't see Americans or any westerners waving TPLF (Tigray People's Liberation Front-opposition of the government) flags.

 The Tigray War was an armed conflict that lasted from November 3,2020 to November 3,2022.The war was primarily fought in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia between the Ethiopian federal government and Eritrea on one side, and the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) on the other. 

 After years of increased tensions and hostilities between the TPLF and the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea,fighting began when Tigrayan security forces attacked the Northern Command headquarters of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF),alongside a number of other bases in Tigray.The ENDF counterattacked from the south"while Eritrean Defence Forces (EDF) began launching attacks from the north"which Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed described as "law enforcement operations."Federal allied forces captured Mekelle,the capital of the Tigray Region, on November 28,after which Abiy declared the operation "over."However, the Tigray government stated soon afterwards that it would continue fighting until the "invaders" were out,and on June 28,2021,the Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) retook Mekelle;by July the same year,they had also advanced into the Amhara and Afar regions.In early November 2021,the TDF,together with the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA),took control of several towns on the highway south from Tigray Region towards Addis Ababa and the TPLF stated that it considered "marching on [the capital]." Together with seven smaller rebel groups, the TPLF and OLA declared a coalition aiming to "dismantle Abiy's government by force or by negotiations,and then form a transitional authority." 

 After a successful government counter-offensive in response and then a series of negotiations with the TPLF,Ethiopia declared an indefinite humanitarian truce on March 24.2022,in order to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid into Tigray.However,fighting dramatically re-escalated in late August 2022,after peace talks broke down.Rapid mobilization of troops soon followed, with Ethiopia,Eritrea and Tigray reportedly organizing hundreds of thousands of troops against each other by October the same year.After a number of peace and mediation proposals in the intervening years,Ethiopia and the Tigrayan rebel forces agreed to a cessation of hostilities on November 2,which went into effect the day after;Eritrea was not a party to the agreement,however,and their status has remained unclear. 

  All sides,particularly the ENDF,EDF and TDF,have committed war crimes during the conflict.Mass extrajudicial killings of civilians have taken place throughout,including in Axum,Bora, Chenna,Kobo,the Hitsats refugee camp,Humera,Mai Kadra,the Debre Abay monastery and Zalambessa.An estimated 385,000-600,000 people have been killed and war rape became a "daily" occurrence,with girls as young as 8 and women as old as 72 being raped,often in front of their families.A major humanitarian crisis has developed as a result of the war,with famine becoming widespread.It also inflicted immense economic damage on the region,with the cost of rebuilding alone estimated to be roughly $20 billion.


Dmitri Trenin.jpg 

   Following Moscow's demands for security guarantees from the United States and NATO,Carnegie Moscow Center director Dmitri Trenin was interviewed by Kommersant's Elena Chernenko about Russia's future steps with regard to Ukraine and the West.
 Dmitri makes some rather interesting observations during that interview.For one he notes that since Russuia lost the cold war the USA can not communicate with Russia as if they were equals.He also hypothesizes in the event of a war between Russia and Ukraine,Russia will never accept defeat.Ukraine is being guided by the USA.If Russia loses that war it would mean Moscow will continue to be humiliated by the bully the USA.When Moscow wins the war (which it will] will the USA recognize Russia as an equal?The USA still does not recognize China as an equal.This is a big question.It would be the end of US hegemony.If the USA does accept Russia as an equal peace will come. But this is not likely because Americans are too hubris and arrogant.Which means it is possible the USA may retaliate by starting a nuclear war.If that happens we all die and no one will win.
 You see the USA has been blessed by having two impotent neighbors (Canada and Mexico] and two oceans separating them from the rest of the world.Other than Pearl Harbor and the US Civil War the USA has been rather insulated from witnessing the real horrors of war.Unlike Russia who lost 26 million in World War II where the people know about the horrors of war.That is why America goes to other parts of the world (Vietnam,Iraq and Afghanistan] and wreck havoc.That is why Dmitri Trenin believes short of nuclear war the only way to put America in it's place is to start dropping bombs on American soil (New York,Washington or Los Angeles].Perhaps when that happens the USA might start respecting other countries and their sovereignties and their right to exist.If I were to make a bet this is where I would put my money.We are now entering a multi-polar world.However,the USA is not accepting it and will continue to wreck havoc until they are put in their place.Bombing some American cities will make the USA do a rethink.


Liz Truss' resignation on her 45th day in office makes her the shortest-serving Prime Minister in Britain's history. Here's how the Truss government collapsed.

Liz Truss.jpg

Just 45 days after coming to office, UK Prime Minister Lizz Truss stepped down from office on Thursday,October 20,becoming the PM to have served the shortest term ever in the country. After news of the resignation broke, the beleaguered leader said she had spoken to King Charles III to notify him of her resignation and also met the 1922 Committee chair Sir Graham Brady,in charge of Tory leadership elections,who has said a new Tory leader should be in place by next Friday. 

Truss took over after former Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson in September after the former failed to survive the "party game" scandal. And yet,the new PM Truss had barely a week of peace in office before her political program collapsed.Her resignation on her 45th day in office makes her the shortest-serving Prime Minister in Britain's history.The second shortest-serving prime minister was George Canning,who served for 119 days before he died in office in 1827. 

Here is a short timeline of Truss' rather humiliating tenure: 

September 5:Truss wins a vote by Conservative party members by 81,326,against 60,399 for Rishi Sunak,who served as finance minister under previous prime minister Boris Johnson.However, despite being the new leader of the largest party in Parliament (which makes her the PM), she had leaa tha 0.2 percent support of the electorate. 

September 6:Truss becomes PM after being confirmed by Queen Elizabeth.Kwasi Kwarteng is appointed as chancellor of the exchequer by Truss. 

September 8:Truss introduces a controversial and expensive scheme to cap household energy bills by way of Britain's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.However,the Queen passes away on the same day,suspending all government activities for the next 10 days. 

September 23:The contentious "Mini Budget", also dubbed the 'Kami-Kwasi' detailing energy scheme prices over the six months unveiled by Kwarteng would require (60 billion ($67 billion).However,no measures to raise funds are announced.Major new borrowing schemes were announced instead.The move was met with political resistance and outrage.The markets also respond disapprovingly with the pound plummetting towards parity against the dollar. 

September 26:Pound plummets to new depths following more Kwarteng's announcement of more 'tax cuts'. 

September 28:A two-week programme to buy long-term UK bond announced by Bank of England,to fix the turmoil in the bond market that put British pension funds in jeopardy.The programme would cost 65 billion pounds and was intended to "to restore orderly market conditions". 

September 29:Labour Party, the main Opposition in the UK,reports a 33-point lead as per statistics by YouGov report.It is the biggest margin over the Tories that the Labour party has managed to gain since the time of Labour PM Tony Blair in the late 1990s. 

October 3:Truss and the Chancellor scrap the proposed tax cuts after rushed midnight talks in what is seen as an embarrassing U-turn for he Truss government. 

October 5:Truss doubled down on her "growth, growth, growth" agenda in her address but both party and the markets remained unsure.Rising mortgage rates impact UK households,leading to further discontent. 

October 10-October 12:More U-turns continue with Kwartend first revealing he will release the medium-term fiscal plan alongside independent budget forecasts on October 31.Further cuts to public spending,however,were dropped after yet another U-turn announced by Truss despite promises of no further modifications.The image of the government,however,fails to inspire confidence. 

October 14:Kwarteng fired after just 38 days in the role as markets remain grim.The Chancellor,in response,writes to the PM explaining his moves as essential to save British economy.Former foreign minister Jeremy Hunt appointed as the new Chancellor. 

October 19:Indian-origin hardline interior minister Suella Braverman quit following a row with Truss and Hunt over immigration,alleging that she had "serious concerns" about the government. The incident brought further embarrassment for Truss government and local tabloids called the day a day of "mayhem".A fracking ban vote in Parliament also descends into chaos. While Truss won the trust vote,several MPs rebelled.Media called it the death knell for the Truss government.



 On September 8,2022 at 15:10 BST,Elizabeth II,Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms,and the longest-reigning British monarch,died of old age at Balmoral Castle in Scotland,at the age of 96.The Queen's death was publicly announced at 18:30.She was succeeded by her eldest son,Charles III. 

 The death of the Queen set in motion Operation London Bridge,a collection of plans including arrangements for her state funeral and supported by Operation Unicorn,which set protocols for her death occurring in Scotland.The United Kingdom observed a national mourning period of 10 days. The Queen lay in state in Westminster Hall from 14 to 19 September,during which time an estimated 250,000 people queued to pay their respects. 

 The state funeral service was held at Westminster Abbey on 19 September,followed on the same day by a committal service at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.The Queen was interred with her husband Philip in the King George VI Memorial Chapel later that evening.The occasion of her state funeral was a public holiday in the UK and several Commonwealth states.The state funeral was one of the United Kingdom's most watched special television broadcasts,surpassing the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton,the previous most watched royal event of the 21st century. 

 Now for what I am about to say many British people will probably not appreciate.I think the world is better off without Queen Elizabeth II.Here is why I feel that way.For one,the Queen was like a Mafia boss.George Galloway,a thirty year member of the UK Parliament,believes Queen Elizabeth II was responsible for the 1997 death of Princess Diana.Like a mafia boss she put out a contract on her.The Queen certainly had a motive.Diana was pregnanted by Dodi Fayed,her Muslim boyfriend.Being the racist she is the Queen would not accept a Muslim in the royal family.Further,look at the facts.The allege facts concluded that Diana's chauffer was driving drunk when the vehicle crashed inside that tunnel on that Saturday night in Paris.A driver for British royalty driving drunk.Hmmm...

 Second,I do not like the Queen ostracizing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.Meghan Markle is part black.The Queen being the racist that she is does not want a black to be associated with the Royal family.

 Third,the Queen's and King Charles' refusal to pardon Julian Assange.Julian Assange should be pardoned and receive a noble peace prize.The Queen just ignores Julian.

 Finally-Harry Dunn.Harry Dunn was a 19 year old Englishman who was killed by an American in the UK.The American fled back to the USA.The UK government demanded the perpetrator be returned to the UK to face justice.The American government told the UK government to fuck off.The British government has been kissing America's ass by making the UK taxpayer's cloth and feed Julian Assange when all Assange did was do journalism.At the same time when the British government wants a person from the USA to return to the UK for killing a Britih citizen and is then told to piss off by the US government.Makes one wonders who is really ruling the UK.It is clearly not the British royalty.

 One side note.The Queen has a son (Prince Andrew) who enjoys having sex with small children.

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 2-ICE ICE BABY-Vanilla Ice
 4-UNCHAINED MELODY-Righteous Brothers
  1-(EVERTHING I DO)I DO IT FOR YOU-BRYAN ADAMS-August               1420
  2-I'M TOO SEXY-RIGHT SAID FRED-August                               622
  3-SHOOP SHOOP SONG(IT'S IN HIS KISS)-CHER-May                       620
  4-THE ONE AND ONLY-CHESNEY HAWKES-April                             552
  5-INSANITY-OCEANIC-October                                          530
              AUSTRALIA'S (ARIA) TOP SINGLES OF 1993
 1-NOVEMBER RAIN-GUNS & ROSES-FEBRUARY                                1206
 2-I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU-WHITNEY HOUSTON-January                     1102
 3-YOU DON'T TREAT ME NO GOOD-SONIA DADA-March                        1030
 4-CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE-UB40-July                                960
 5-ALL THAT SHE WANTS-ACE Of BASE-November                             916
 3-I SWEAR-All-4-One
 5-ALWAYS-Bon Jovi

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